Strengthening Road Safety

Strengthening capacity at local and national level to address road safety is essential. This section provides an overview of capacity building activities aimed at:

Improving capacities of government officials at the national level to implement road safety strategies and programmes. Target beneficiaries include ministerial government entities responsible for road safety such as transport, public works, urban planning, education, justice, police, health, and legislative bodies.

Empowering local authorities to play a key role in promoting urban road safety. Local Authorities are key positioned to work closely with civil society to change road user behaviour and manage critical risk factors such as local speed limits, among others. 


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Road Safety High Level Conference

28-29 August 2018 I Gurugram, India

The Road Safety High Level Conference isorganized along a multi-stakeholder approach, bringing together government authorities, businesses, academic institutions, international organizations, road safety experts and civil society to exchange knowledge and practical solutions to reducing road traffic fatalities,while fostering collaboration to achieve road safety targets. 


The Conference provides a venue to achieve the following key objectives:

a.    Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and sharing of effective solutions that reduce road traffic related deaths

b.    Empower government officials with technical know-how and management skills to implement interventions that improve road safety

c.    Mobilize stakeholders from different sectors to support road safety interventions in the City of Gurugram

International Workshop on Mobility and Road Safety Best Practices

8-10 May 2018, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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The International Conference convened government offices responsible for transit, transport and road safety, academic institutions, NGOs and media to share practical solutions that can lead to road safety improvements. 

Government officials and experts from Spain, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico contributed to the discussions and share lessons learned and interventions implemented in their countries that could be replicated in the Dominican Republic.  

A specialized training for Media representatives took place alongside the Conference with the objective of raising awareness among Media outlets about the fundamental role they play as transmitters of information, which contributes significantly not only to increase road safety literacy but also to save lives.